Two Degrees seeks written and visual work focused on humans, our earth, and climate change. We are particularly interested in how these pieces are connected and make up what we know as global warming. We accept essays, poetry, fiction, and general musings on life and the environment, including reviews of climate fiction, and interviews with environmental leaders or those impacted by climate change .

Our mission is simple: to connect the pieces of climate change together and, hopefully, use these connections to better describe how climate change has affected life on earth and how it will continue to affect life on earth.

Submissions for the journal are currently closed. We are looking for written work between 300-6000 words. If you have something either shorter or longer you are interested in submitting, send it our way. We would love to read your work.

Submissions for General Musings are open. We encourage you to submit musings on climate change in the media, interviews, book reviews, think pieces, and more.

General submission guidelines include:

  • .docx, .pdf, or Google Doc format
  • Author bio

Please send all submissions (and any questions) to